JBD is an industrial design and mechanical design firm. I design the look (cosmetics) and feel (useability) of products and then specify my designs in the form of 3D CAD files and reference and detailed drawings suitable for prototyping and manufacturing. Working closely with engineering and marketing, I  work from the outside of a product inward, designing enclosures, control panels and interior chassis for mechanical and electronic components.

I have worked comfortably and collegially with marketing and engineering for over 20 years to help design several major products from concept to manufacturing. Those products include consumer products, medical products, sophisticated desktop instruments, and large test and measurement systems.

I am highly skilled with Solidworks which I use to create parts and assemblies that can be manufactured utilizing various state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials.

I work hard to produce quality designs, at a competive price, that accurately reflect the needs of the customer and the client.

JB Designe is a resource you can trust. Contact me today..